“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and to find my soul.”
John Muir

I found solace in Berlin’s forests. The intricate communications of the species that form their own societies within the woods remain a mystery to me, I do not understand their language. But my alien self, my migrant persona, felt always at ease and welcomed in these forests. The solitude one feels while being accompanied by the societies of forests creates a special environment to reflect.

As a woman struggling with mental disorders, figuring out the sinister roots of my problems is a complex and exhausting endeavour. In Berlin’s forests, things became clearer. The mental state you inhabit becomes inescapable when the constant hum of people and distractions vanishes. Yet, this newfound clarity serves as a gentle guide, leading you not immediately, not directly, but at the pace you permit, towards understanding and healing.

With Tender Green, I share my experiences with various psychiatric treatments I've undergone while building my new life as an immigrant living in Berlin.