Ece Gökalp, born in Istanbul, is a visual artist, mainly using photography as a medium. After completing her bachelor studies in the Photography and Video department at the YTU of Istanbul and studying at the Graphic Design Department of the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague for one semester with an Erasmus scholarship, she moved to Berlin to study at the Art in Context of UdK Berlin. Initially coming from illustration and drawing, learning the photographic apparatus and being introduced to the semiotics of design and visual language, she, thus, focused her work on the possibilities of photography through mixed media works.

She has participated in numerous group exhibitions mostly in Istanbul and Berlin and had her first solo exhibition in the Apartment Project Berlin in 2017. Following that year she had her second solo exhibition with her master thesis project in poşe, Istanbul.

Her main focus is the theory of photography and she investigates the controversy around photography, photographic gaze and indexicality of photography in various contexts, i.e. perceiving geographies in different contexts through photography. After completing her master thesis project on Mount Ararat, a mountain with the utmost geopolitical importance in the eastern-most part of Turkey, she turned to her own relationship with nature and what kind of a role does working on projects about nature/landscape/geography play in the ways she communicates with herself. The Weak of the Forest and Haus am See are the first offsprings of this quest. These days she’s working on the portraits of Drying Lakes of Turkey and the layers of meanings and information these lakes hold.


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